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The National Anthem is a new one-man musical comedy about the fascinating American who wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner."  Francis Scott Key's unwavering and sometimes unorthodox opinions on social matters as well as his unique and often unappreciated relationship with poetry is showcased in this 90-minute mix of lyrics and laughs.  You’ll snicker in your knickers and cackle in your cloak as you discover more about the man whose name we all know... but whose history is a mystery.

An unexpected knock. An unplanned guest. One unforgettable night! Simon and Eliza Yoder never imagined the special guest that showed up at their front door on Christmas Eve. They didn't even know the man in the red suit knew where they lived. It’s a collision of traditions, a clash of cultures, and a stranger in search of far more than just an address, in this new Yuletide comedy for all ages!



Penn Station is a venue tucked away in the beautiful rural setting of Arthur, Illinois. This village in the Moultrie and Douglas counties in Illinois is home to the state's oldest and largest Amish community.

In Arthur are sights you can see nowhere else in Illinois, such as horse-drawn buggies, well-kept farmyards with blue-curtained houses and gardens and some of the best food in the area with Yoder's Kitchen an Amish Buffet, Shady Crest, Roselen's Coffee and Pauly's BBQ.

Once your belly is fed it is time to sightsee! There are hundreds of shops & stores in Amish country: buggy and harness shops, furniture shops, wood shops, quilt shops, metal and machine shops, butchers, bakeries, and produce stands. Plus 200 glorious acres the home of The Great Pumpkin Patch and The Homestead Bakery.

Wander downtown for unique shopping experiences as you browse quality food, custom Amish furniture, sodas, gifts, boutiques, clothing, crafts, fine arts, photographs, quilts, sewing supplies, etc.

Add some entertainment to your trip, drop into the Penn Station Theatre, which plays live music, gospel, bluegrass, and other outstanding performances.

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